June 8, 2011

The Fortress of Glass

At the urging of their oracle, Queen Amal and her Amazon warriors had agreed to to take the party across the "Lake of Fire" to the "Fortress of Glass" - whatever that meant. Mounted on the Amazons' pterodactyls, the party flew up the side of the volcano at the center of the island, and over the lip of the crater. At that moment, the oracle's words made sense. Below them, the caldera was a filled with a lake of molten lava, seething and bubbling. Rising from the center of the sea of magma was an island of black rock. Seeming to grow out of the rock itself was a tower of black obsidian. At a command from the Queen, the flight of pterodactyls banked as one, and began descending towards the tower.

June 5, 2011


After spending the night in the village of the little people who had befriended them, the party began looking for any signs of boats, fishing nets, etc. that you might expect in a village of people living this close to a body of water, but saw none. Before venturing off to the island that the Gatestone was pointing to, they decided it might be wise to try to communicate with the locals. They summoned the chieftan, B'bao, and Chuck cast a Tongues spell, which gave them about 10 minutes to ask their questions. B'bao, and his son, F'uada didn't seem terribly surprised by his use of magic.