May 25, 2011


Having abandoned the surviving members of Professor Fulcroft's expedition in the caverns deep below the Demon's Mouth, the party once again used the Gatestone to travel to another universe. When they arrived, they found themselves in what appeared to be a natural cavern, ~30’ in diameter. The walls were decorated with odd paintings. Some were outlines of some shape, as if the artist painted over something. They looked, well, kind of like hands, except they’re much bigger than any human hands, the artist would have to have stood on a stepladder, they only had four fingers, and the thumb pointed the wrong direction. But other than that, they looked just like hands. There were also nine symbols painted at regular intervals around the cave. Upon inspection, they proved to be crude versions of the symbols etched on the facets of the Gatestone.

May 23, 2011

The Mines of the Mi-Go

The party had made their way to an icy chamber in the center of the underground complex beneath the Demon's Mouth. The Gatestone pointed to a featureless section of wall, with no apparent opening. As the party stood discussing their options and looking for secret controls, the wall suddenly shot open of its own accord. A blinding light shot forth; Mary, Brett, and the Professor were temporarily blinded.

Swallowed by the Mouth

Having survived the descent into the Demon's Mouth, the party set out exploring their surroundings. They were surrounded by a vast cavern, extending off an unknown distance in every direction. There was an obvious crater in the bat guano that covered the area beneath the shaft (but not inside the cavern itself), and a path through the guano indicated that whatever had fallen had been drug off. Mary followed the trail, and soon found the skeleton of a deer. Many of the bones were shattered, consistent with a 200' fall, but they also showed signs of having been gnawed on. No one could identify what kind of animal had done the gnawing.

May 13, 2011

Into the Mouth

The party had found themselves in the pleasant New England town of Bethlehem, New Hampshire, in 1928. They had made the acquaintance of Professor Quentin Fulcroft, who was leading a small expedition in search of an unusual local geographic feature called the Demon's Mouth. The party invited themselves along, since the area the professor planned to explore was in the general area pointed to by the Gatestone.